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H. S. from Burlington IA

To all my new friends! I wish to Thank You all, for the great care you gave me. You all made me feel at home, away from my home.

L. A. from Carman, IL

I would like to compliment Oak Lane Nursing & Rehab in Stronghurst, IL for the excellent care given to my mom during her stay there. I don't know if the community realizes what a dedicated staff Oak Lane has and how under-appreciated they are.

The staff goes out of their way to make sure each resident under their care has someone to talk to each and every day. They make the residents feel at home and cared for by allowing their rooms to be decorated, encouraging them to bring treasured mementos with them, and providing them with dignity and respect.

The nurses approach each resident with a smile. If the resident want to talk, they stop what they are doing and take time to listen and answer any questions they may have.

The CNA's do their job efficiently, quickly and with compassion. It is amazing how well they respond to each resident's needs; especially when it seems everyone wants them at the same time.

Oak Lane is one of the few homes I have ever been in that does not smell like urine or a hospital. It smells clean, and I find this to be an amazing testament to the ability of the staff.

The dietary staff produces amazing meals for the residents. They are very friendly, and each resident is treated like a customer in a five-star restaurant.

I would like to remind the residents of Henderson County that we have one of the best nursing homes in the area, which provides a homey atmosphere for our loved ones in a local community.

From the family of V. G.

To each of you, we would like to express our sincere thanks for the care and compassion you offered our mother the past five and a half years. You became family to her. Mom would wish blessings for each of you.

J. D. from IL

Thank you so much for the wonderful care provided to my daughter during her entire stay with all of you. We appreciated seeing all of you at the service and sharing your memories.

B. S. from IL

We really appreciated all of the excellent care we received. If you cannot be home, this is the next best place.

B. Z. from IL

We are thankful to the staff of Oak Lane Nursing Home for the great care you gave our mom. Please know that we appreciate all that you did for her!

L. A. from Carman IL

Thanks for all your help and kindness during mom's stay. Words cannot express just how much your kindness and the feeling of family helped us those last few days.

M.R. from Biggville wrote this letter of thanks:

Thanks to all the staff at Oak Lane for taking my aunt in as part of your Oak Lane family. Everyone always truly treated her with respect. After she once was settled in, she did enjoy being there. Bingo, Elvis (an Elvis impersonator) and the van rides rated high. Thank you again for all your hard work and companionship given to her.

D.I. from Carman wrote a letter to the editor.
Here is part of it.

I am sharing this story with you so that you can be aware of the choices you and your love one have. It was a wonderful experience that my brother and I encountered in choosing the care that saved our dad's life. As parents get older, your siblings and you will have to help them make decisions. We feel that this one saved our dad's life.

Our dad was in extreme abdominal pain and rushed to the hospital. After tests were run, it was determined that he needed surgery. His appendix had ruptured and a large incision had to be made to clean out the infection, which had started to settle around his small intestine. Dad had a wound that gaped open 14 centimeters long and 7 centimeters wide. Open wounds are susceptible to staph infections if not handled correctly.

We knew that Oak Lane Nursing & Rehab had skilled care nursing and specialized in wound care, so we asked our dad where he wanted to recuperate. He decided he would go to Oak Lane. Everyone at the nursing home knows us and really welcomed dad with open arms as we started our journey to heal our father together. That night was the first one that I felt our dad was safe and being well taken care of. I knew he was not waiting for someone to take him to the bathroom, he would be eating well, was not being over medicated and that the staff was making sure he was clean and shaven.

At first, Oak Lane had to transport him back and forth to doctor appointments, as he could not wear a lap belt. The administrator of the nursing home, Richard Clifton, would meet me at Carman Cemetery so I could jump on the bus with dad and ride to his appointment. Oak Lane went far and above their duty to assure that our dad was comfortable. They wiped our tears and put us back on our feet again, too. The administrator personally drove dad down to the cemetery so he could pay his respects to his wife on her birthday. She had passed away in 2001. He told dad to take as long as he needed to stay at the gravesite. I have never heard of a nursing home administrator that would personally do this for a resident.

Our dad was spoiled daily with soft serve ice cream cones, excellent food, Irene's Hawk Eye paper that she brought to him everyday, a spotless, clean, warm room, and clean clothes. The activity personnel asked him to come and play, volunteers, that come to Oak Lane, brought him fresh water and hand towels, and the physical therapy team worked together to get him back up on his feet again. He was cared for by the director of nursing, nurses and C.N.A. staff that I feel is THE BEST IN ILLINOIS!

As the weeks went by, the wound became smaller and smaller. The wound care specialist at Burlington, IA, commented that the nurses at Oak Lane do an outstanding job with wound care. The comment made by him was, "They are excellent!" After 50 days, dad came home. The doctor had told us that it would take every bit of 100 days to heal dad's wound. The staff at Oak Lane proved they could do it in less time.

I wrote this article to remind people what a blessing we have in Henderson County. Oak Lane is not only a nursing home, but it is a REA unit. I personally know when we first mentioned nursing home to dad, he was afraid he would never come home. The day we left, he did not want to leave because everyone was so wonderful to him. As everyone said good-bye, and we walked out, I knew if dad ever had to come back, he had lost that fear of so called, "nursing homes".

If you know of someone that needs care for any reason: physical therapy, open wounds, or just added rest, Oak Lane Nursing & Rehab is a skilled and a Medicare approved facility. Let your loved one spend their Medicare days in an environment that helps them get well faster with a family touch. Part of healing is the personal attention you get that every staff member gives at Oak Lane.

L.C. from IL wrote:

Words cannot express my thanks and gratitude for the kindness and care shown to my "Unkie" while a resident at Oak Lane. I have never been in a Home that shows the love and compassion that each of you have for not only "Unkie" but also all the residents. All the hugs and kisses you bestow on the residents are heartwarming. It is more like a big family home than a nursing home. My thanks to the cooks for all the good meals that you fixed and so generously shared with my Mom and me while we visited, to the housekeeping staff for the cleanliness of the rooms and the treats for Mazy (our dog). Our thanks goes to the maintenance department for all the help when something went wrong, to the nursing staff for always being straight forward with me and not sugar coating any questions that I had and the patience that you had with me for all the phone calls. And last, but not least, I want to thank the administrator, Richard Clifton, for taking my uncle in when he could no longer live alone and for all the special rides Richard took him on to see the crops and countryside.

I only wish all nursing homes could use you for an example as how a nursing home should be run and how residents should be treated. I am so proud that my uncle had a part in getting Oak Lane started. Thank you for making the last two years of my uncle's life enjoyable.

B.B. from St. Louis, MO wrote:

In recent years, it had become apparent that my parent was eventually going to need care beyond living at home. The search began for a suitable place for this transition. It was a shattering and depressing experience. Oak Lane was the only facility that even came close to offering the quality of care that we were trying to find. We agonized over when the time was right to make the move, but a crisis decided that for us. In our panic, I can still hear Mr. Clifton assuring us Oak Lane would have a place for my parent.

While this situation is very difficult, it has been made easier knowing that my parent is well cared for and, most of all is safe. The Oak Lane staff not only cares for its residents but also is supportive and caring for the family members, as they make this hard journey. I am most grateful and appreciative for all that Oak Lane offers.

E.G. Family wrote:

We thank the Lord for all of you. Mother was well cared for, and it was home away from home. Thank you for the meals you gave me when I stayed with Mother. You have a great place. The employees are great, caring people. It is not always easy dealing with so many different situations with the residents.

I.P. of Stronghurst, IL wrote:

It is a privilege to donate to your organization. Our community is surely blessed to have both of these caring facilities.

B.G. of Carrolton, GA wrote:

Our chief engineer, who is highly respected by myself and others, indicates that you have a wonderful operation that serves in a meaningful way the needs of the elderly, which he deeply appreciated regarding his own mother.

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